Everything about China and it's culture

Everything about China and it's culture

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  • Need2LearnChinese just moved

    We just moved to a place with more dedicated book storage space. We are keeping more book inventory to meet our business’s rapid growth, and our customer base is growing as well, we are so glade to see more and more people are interested in learning Chinese. This is your first step towards getting to know the culture, the history and the opportunities we are facing.

    Need2LearnChinese will do our best to make sure we always carry the most and best Chinese learning books and materials, maintain the highest customer satisfaction and overall shopping experience. Please contact us at the new address on the "about us" page, We thank you for your continued support and wish you great success on your Chinese learning.

  • Owner’s Vision

    I was amazed that more and more people greet me using standard mandarin “Ni Hao” at my work place, Marta station or grocery store when they saw my Asia face.  Definitely Chinese will become a popular language in the world not only because China has 1.3 billion population and 5000 years history but also its economic booming these years.  But where to buy and how to pick up the learning Chinese material always are the questions my friends ask me.  Last year, I need to pick up Chinese textbooks for my school age daughter.  Thanks my parents who taught Chinese for 30 years giving me good advice and helping me contact with bilingual professional to carefully pick up the books for my friends and my daughter.  Now I want to share these books for you who are interested in Chinese language, who are going to travel to China, who will study in China, who are doing business in China or who like Chinese culture.  Thus, with many helps from my family and my friends, I opened this bookstore www.need2learnchinese.com. 

  • Welcome to our Blog page

    We have officially start this page as the platform to provide you with the latest news and updates of everything about chinese learning, chinese culture and chinese world as whole, if you become interested in China and would like to learn more about its language, its people and its culture, and to look for more opportunities for your own benefits, you come to the right place.

    As you know, China is the country of 1.3 billion people, Its history dates back to 5000 years ago, and its economy growth is more than twice that of the U.S. People from all over the world, just like you, become interested in this country, they are going there for traveling, for study and for business, a lot of people also find china is the perfect place to live, to work and to develop themselves, for whatever reason you have, learning chinese is your first step toward that goal, learning more about China will certainly help you understand the country better and help you profit from this incredible and rapid growth of the economy, and give you the edge above your peers in this new century. please visit your best online bookstore dedicate to chinese learning at www.need2learnchinese.com

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