Everything about China and it's culture

Everything about China and it's culture

Yao Ming is retired and will go to Jiaotong University.

It’s all speculation at this point! Less than 24 hours after he announced his retirement, the Chinese media are going wild with rumors of what comes next. In a recent exclusive interview with Xinhua, when asked whether he’d consider going into business or politics like other retired athletes, Yao Ming responded:

Whether in politics or business, they all begin at school. This must be the first step, your future beings at school. I have made plans to begin my studies before the end of this year.他们不管是从政还是从商,开始都是上学。 这一步是首先必须的,未来从上学开始。已经有这方面的计划,年底之前吧。

Que the rumormill! When asked where he’d live after retirement, he mentioned Houston, Shanghai, and Beijing, but said the past few years have been spent mostly in Shanghai.

From those bits of information, headlines now have it that Yao Ming might study computers and finance at Jiaogtong University! Jiaotong has indirectly confirmed these rumors by announcing that it “welcomes Yao Ming to return” and study with them in a specially tailored program.

It all still sounds pretty groundless (the computer thing is taken soley from the lame fact that “he loves computer games”) but who doesn’t like day dreaming of running into our favorite gangly, lovable giant on your way to Chinese class?

We’ll keep you posted

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