Everything about China and it's culture

Everything about China and it's culture

Tickets, get your Olympics tickets right here

While the Beijing Olympics are still more than a year away, you might want to start making plans for the quadrennial sports festivity now. The official ticketing website launched yesterday and the first batch of tickets go on sale in April. Not everyone is eligible to purchase tickets online however: In addition to having a mailing address inside mainland China (sorry Hong Kong and Macau), one must also be either a Chinese citizen or hold a visa longer than six months

Ticket prices for most events are reasonable (if you can get them that is), from 50 RMB in the nose bleed seats to 500 RMB and party with dignitaries. Basketball is one notable exception on the expensive side: Courtside seats are 1,000 RMB per, but you’ll get to see Yao Ming whoop ass up close and personal (if he’s healthy, that is).

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