Everything about China and it's culture

Everything about China and it's culture

Seven Wonders of the Future China

Here is a list of the 7 wonders of the Chinese world. China is growing at an amazing rate both economically and financially. It is the largest country population wise with a very skilled workforce. The new China will soon become a superpower of the world and in itself, China is a another world. Here are the 7 wonders of the Chinese world soon to be completed withing this decade. They are not ordered in any particular order but shows what humanity can accomplish when we set out minds to it.

1.) – Beijing International Airport


Currently under construction and slated for completion late 2007, it will be ready for the masses in 2008 as the Olympics arrive to Beijing in the summer. This is the largest of 108 new airports expected to be built in China this year alone. The terminal is immensely huge in size, bigger than the Pentagon, covering more than 1 million square meters. It will handle around 50 million passengers per a year and is expected to be one of the busiest airports when it opens.

2.) – Central Chinese Television CCTV, Beijing


This is the headquarters of the new CCTV station in Beijing. It was designed for the purpose of a singular building for China’s growing media and is currently under construction. Slated for completion in 2008, it will redefine what a skyscraper is. It is basically 2 skyscrapers built and then bent at 90 degrees at the top and bottom joining them together forming a consecutive loop

3.) – Olympic Stadium, Beijing


This amazing stadium will be at the center of it all in the 2008 Olympics. It will have a seating capacity of around 90,000 people and was designed in such a way as to resemble a birds next. It is also going to be one of the most environmentally friendly stadiums ever built. It uses the birds next design as a sort of exo-skeleton while keeping the inside detached from it to improve air circulation. Giving it natural wind inside over the stands to keep viewer cool during the summers.

4.) – Shanghai World Financial Center


This 101 story skyscraper is currently under construction in the huge financial district in chine, Shanghai. It is almost complete with it planning to be open in early 2008. It will be the world tallest skyscraper when it is completed but will eventually be taken over by the Burj Dubai.

5.) National Swimming Center, Beijing


This immense building will be home of the water athletics sports during the Olympics in Beijing. It is nicknamed “Water Cube” because the outside panels are designed to look like soap bubbles. Rain water will be used to supply water for its huge swimming pools and its unique structure will be able to withstand earthquakes.

6.) – Dongtan Eco City


THis huge city will be one of the largest and the most enviromentaly cities ever built. It will be the size of Manhattan but with one key difference. It will be self sustainable.Electricity, waste, water and pollution will all be controled within the city and everything will be kep in the city. Expected to take 30 years to build, the first phase is already being constructed currently and will home to approximatly 50,000 residents. It will also be build on its own little island like Manhattan and will serve as a link for china to the Yangtze river.

7.) – Three Gorges Dam


Much controversy has always surrounded this dam. One of the largest engineering projects ever undertaken by humanity, this is the largest construction project in china to date. It costs more than 100 million USD, forced over 1.3 million people to move as a result of it and will generate enough power for around 9% of china population. Semi complete currently, it wont be completely ready until 2009, and when it does, it will be able to control the Yangtze river in china which has claimed millions of lives due to flooding and other dam failures. The dam itself, stretches over a mile across, behind it is the worlds largest artificially man made late at 1.40 trillion cubic feet and it will rise over 600 feet all.

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